1.What kind of metal are these jewellery made of?

-Brass and Copper

2. How do I know the size and weight of jewellery?

-Please check the product description provided on right hand side of product image.

- The sizes and weights mentioned are approximate.

- The weight mentioned for earrings includes weight for both.

-The Length mentioned for pendants or earrings is based on individual piece and is measured from hook/top to drop/bottom(length wise).

3.What is the life span of jewellery?

-The life span of jewellery depends on maintenance and usage of jewellery by customer.

4.How do I take care of jewellery?

-Keep jewellery away from perfumes,water,sweat,other chemicals etc..

-Clean the jewellery with dry cloth once you remove your jewellery after using it and pack in plastic.Do not keep in open.

-Do not keep your jewellery in any other box or material than plastic.

5.Do you provide Cash on delivery?

- Yes, we do provide COD..But products bought on COD basis wont be taken back if the parcel is opened by the customer.

-Refer to shipping and returns policy.

6.What other mode of payments are available?

-You can make payments through

    - Debit card

    - Credit card

    -Net banking

7.Will I get matching neckpiece/pendant to the standalone earrings?

- Mail us on   orders@allureartworx.com


-You may also call or whatsapp on +91 9820172421

8.We liked the jewellery but does not fit our budget?

-At Allureartworx,we don’t just sell jewellery but also provide custom solutions if our customers are stuck in case of budget or any other confusions.

-Customers are most welcome to get their queries solved regarding jewellery.

9.My friend/relative liked my jewellery,they want to buy the same and but cant find on store?

-Mail us the sku id mentioned below the product name on right hand side of the product image on our store if sold or you can send us the image of the same.

-If available in stock we can send it across and if not available we can update you for the same once the same jewellery is available.

10.Why does the colour of stones,metal or minakari does not appear exactly same when received?

-Colour is subject to change not because we change them but due to various resolutions of mobile phones,desktops,laptops and the photos clicked by us on DSLR.

-To avoid confusion and assurance you can ask us by calling on 9820172421 and also referring details mentioned with each product

-We try to update pics which are 99% nearing same.But as mentioned earlier it can vary due to resolutions




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